Public Transportation Fail – Detroiter walks 21 miles a day for work

Imagine walking almost the equivalent of a marathon, each day, back and forth to work.  James Robertson, 56 year old, does just that while living in Detroit.  After problems with his car, he had to resort to a short bus ride plus a long walk to maintain his employment with a factory outside of town.

Share your tough or easy commute story.  We want to know how your city serves you daily, please feel free to comment below.

B9315852091Z.1_20150131173627_000_GHB9QTH3A.1-0                                                     Photo and image courtesy of Detroit Free Press

Read the Detroit Free Press’s article written by Bill Laitner.  Discover how a failure in public transportation affects so many, on a daily basis with limited bus routes and no other options for those who cannot afford a car.

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