A series of photography and viewpoints, with a lens on Brooklyn and Belize focused on the following urban trends:

construction methods
shared community spaces
public transportation
ground level design

This week, construction methods.

How we build is as important as what we build. Be it the first or developing world, our choices have an impact. With a focus on function, as well as building materials and methods, we can make sustainability a priority.

Photo Credit: Aminah Ricks

Public Transportation Fail – Detroiter walks 21 miles a day for work

Imagine walking almost the equivalent of a marathon, each day, back and forth to work.  James Robertson, 56 year old, does just that while living in Detroit.  After problems with his car, he had to resort to a short bus ride plus a long walk to maintain his employment with a factory outside of town.

Share your tough or easy commute story.  We want to know how your city serves you daily, please feel free to comment below.

B9315852091Z.1_20150131173627_000_GHB9QTH3A.1-0                                                     Photo and image courtesy of Detroit Free Press

Read the Detroit Free Press’s article written by Bill Laitner.  Discover how a failure in public transportation affects so many, on a daily basis with limited bus routes and no other options for those who cannot afford a car.

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