The Art & Soul of Placemaking

Urban art transforms, it adds the color and life to an often muted city.  It awakens our sense of whimsy or provokes thought.  Combined with open space and street furniture, the formula for placemaking is complete.



Photography Credit: Aminah Ricks

Italian Piazzas Perform

On a typical midday afternoon in springtime, this is a scene seen across the country – casual and spontaneous public life.

What is the secret to Italian piazzas?

Our friends at NextCity, attempt to share this secret in an in-depth article that examines how urban planners look to Italian piazzas in order to learn and replicate the success of attracting people to spend time out of their homes, in a communal way.

Hint – it is not just the beautiful architecture that does the trick.  Learn more here


Photography Credit: Aminah Ricks



Elevating City Life