When local farmers and food-makers wed via the internet, you get a culinary love affair. And with Good Eggs as the officiant, amazing local, fresh foods can be delivered to your door, any day of the week.

Good Eggs is simple and genius. They take the current craze for sustainable eating into a new paradigm. This new food model connects local farmers/ranchers/fisherman/ who work diligently to produce/raise/catch organically to growing numbers of customers seeking more options and increased frequency of availability for locally grown organic, sustainable foods.

Good Eggs come to town 2

Perhaps most importantly, their business encourages them to delve even deeper, by creating direct opportunities to unite farmers to consumers. Good Eggs hosts events in their growing list of locations that includes Brooklyn, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Francisco. From potluck lunches to tours, they create opportunities for all to “shake the hand that feeds you” (Michael Pollan).

Growing numbers of conscientious eaters get to:

Eat great quality food,
Help local foodmakers &
Build up your local food system.

Good Eggs - How it works

So how does Good Eggs work? Here is the 1,2,3:

1. You shop direct
Order exactly what you want—no commitments or surprises
See who grew or made your food and buy direct from them

2. Farmers harvest, foodmakers make
Locally-grown produce is picked riper and arrives tastier
Farmers & foodmakers reduce waste by knowing exactly how much to pick/make.

3. Delivery
Home delivery is FREE for orders over $30!

Eating locally helps to ensure better health, which makes a better world and sustains this love affair of fresh food.

Watch more about Good Egg’s mission here

Order and start eating amazing food (in Brooklyn, San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, Los Angeles)

Photo, Illustration and Video Credit: Good Eggs

Aminah Ricks

Founder & Creative Director
Elevating City Life