Solar + Bike Power

Solar power + Bike sharing =  Sweet Home Chicago!

For the future health of our cities and its residents, solar power and urban cycling are a mighty combination to be imitated, over and over, across the globe, until instead of a trend it is the reality.


Photo Credit: Aminah Ricks

What makes a street attractive?

What makes a street attractive? What provides the invitation to stroll or linger?  

Is it the placement of trees that line the street, the storefronts which have glass facades revealing what lies inside or the urban furniture that creates an outdoor living room.  Low rise buildings vs high rises, create density while not overwhelming pedestrians with their heights, opening a view of blue sky.  

A great street is all this and more, and even if we can’t exactly describe the magic combination, we know it when we walk it.

Photography Credit: Aminah Ricks

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