Street Art Beautifies Construction Site

The city is ever changing. Established builds comes up against new construction in a continuing cycle of growth and improvement.

Sometimes this creates conflict. Other times it ignites inspiration.

In Pacific Park Brooklyn, a new neighborhood with many pending mix-use buildings underway, 10 Murals went up in 1 day (lead by artist Mike Perry). Setting up artistic eye candy to camouflage a huge construction eyesore.

Would you rather look at a cranes and dump trucks or art? We agree!

Photography Credit: Fabio Cuzzi

Building with Legos, Building the City

Above the din and noise of New York City
Monotone white Legos
Provide fodder and fun
Inspiring the art of building

All takes place
Beneath the scaffolding of construction workers
Their drills and machines
Raise the level of life
And living

Building community
Is not easy but possible
Using one Lego or brick at a time

photo 2

Elevating City Life